Relax from everyday stress and tension. Pamper yourself with a classic full body massage at a promo price. Experts from the Wellness Center have many years of experience and practice in Bulgaria and abroad. Relax and relax with a 60-minute classic body to body massage by female to male. Price РCall us More Detail. +91 8851563452

Massages are performed by rehabilitator  Рa masseur with years of experience in Delhi.

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60 min classic full body to body massage.

Classical Full body to body massage: body to body massage is used to relax and tone the whole body, reduce fatigue in the muscles and restore their normal tone. The massage stimulates the immune system, optimizes blood circulation and relieves the muscles, as a result of which the body completely shakes off the fatigue.

After this type of massage, the skin is fresh and toned due to increased blood circulation and toxin disposal. Classic full body massage is also a great method for improving nervous system performance.

When applied, special oils, creams and lotions are used to improve the smoothness of the gliding effect under reduced skin resistance. The classic massage is recommended for the prevention and treatment of certain specific diseases, correction of the figure posture, removal of muscle tension, etc.

A big fan of yours

A big fan of yours